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Bryan Hurlman

Originally born in raised in small town USA, just outside of Chapel Hill NC, Bryan Hurlman is from humble roots. After graduating from high school in Pittsboro, NC, a friend recommended him for an interview and in July of 2007, Bryan Hurlman was onboarded as a Cutco sales representative. Based on his performance, Bryan was selected for a leadership development program and in May of 2009 was selected to be the District Manager in Charlotte, NC. In his role as a District Manager, Bryan built and scaled his business to be a 10-time National Championship winning sales team. In November of 2017, Bryan and his wife Alexandra relocated to Fairfax, Virginia as Bryan was promoted to the Virginia Division Manager.
"A world-class team culture is the single greatest determining factor in facilitating powerful team collaboration and radical success."
– Bryan Hurlman, Division Manager

Our District Manager Team

Andy Nagel
Assistant Division Manager
Virginia Beach
Zach Miller
District Manager
West Richmond
Allison Green
Pilot Sales Manager
Alex Sylvester
District Manager
South Richmond
Zack Jose
District Manager
Prince William
Brady Paxton
District Manager
Ana T
District Manager
Inder Singh
District Manager
Josh Campbell
Newport News District Manager
Turner Demers
District Manager

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